Freeport LNG

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In November 2021, Storegga and Talos Energy signed a letter of intent with Freeport LNG to develop a CCS project at their site. Together the companies bring Storegga’s end-to-end CCS project experience and Talos’s offshore operational and sub-surface expertise. The project will utilize a Freeport LNG-owned geological sequestration site located less than half a mile from point of capture with up to a 30-year injection term and will permanently sequester CO2. Furthermore, the site is located within 25 miles of up to an additional 15 Mtpa of CO2 emissions from other industrial sources, which offers the potential for expansion in the future.

LaBarge Facility Expansion

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ExxonMobil has made a final investment decision to expand carbon capture and storage at its LaBarge, Wyoming, facility, which has captured more CO2 than any other facility in the world to date. The expansion project will capture up to 1.2 million metric tons of CO2 per year, adding to the existing capacity of 6-7 million metric tons per year that the site already has.

Rio Grande LNG

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NextDecade is developing Rio Grande LNG to supply low-carbon intensity LNG in the Port of Brownsville, Texas. At full scale, Rio Grande LNG will be capable of producing 27 million metric tonnes of low carbon LNG for export to markets around the world. The plant will have a capture rate in excess of 90% and will permanently sequester 5 million metric tonnes of CO2 per year. NextDecade have already secured a long-term supply deal with Shell to supply 2 million metric tonnes per year for 20 years.

Caroline Power Complex

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The Complex, to be located at Pieridae’s Caroline Facility in Alberta, will be a combination of large-scale carbon capture and sequestration and blue power production. This plant advances Pieridae’s long term ESG strategy and supports the company’s commitment of net-zero emissions by 2050 for its Goldboro LNG Project.

G2 Net-Zero LNG

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The G2 Energy Export Complex will process, produce and sell 13 million tonnes per annum of low-priced Net-Zero LNG whilst capturing 4 million tonnes per annum of CO2. The gas will be sourced from a gas producing reservoir and the project will cover the treatment, transportation, liquefaction and delivery to the dock for loading on ships.

Acorn CCS

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Acorn CCS is part of the Acorn Project and would see around 300,000 tonnes per year of existing CO2 emissions from the St Fergus gas terminal captured, dried, compressed and sent through the Goldeneye pipeline to be injected into the Acorn CO2 Storage Site. The Acorn consortium awarded the FEED contract to Carbon Clean in July 2021.

Acorn Project

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The Acorn Project is a carbon capture and storage project specifically designed to overcome one of the acknowledged blockers to CCS deployment in the UK – the high capital costs involved in getting started. Based at the St Fergus gas terminal in Northeast Scotland, Acorn CCS can repurpose existing gas pipelines to take CO2 directly to the Acorn CO2 Storage Site. With this important pipeline infrastructure already in place, Acorn CCS can get started using existing CO2 emissions– captured directly from the gas processing units at the St Fergus gas terminal.

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