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The GreenH2Atlantic project, developed by a consortium of 13 entities, targets a 100 MW green hydrogen plant in Sines, Portugal. The project will be located at a decommissioned Coal Fired Power Plant, taking advantage of existing infrastructures.

ACES Delta

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ACES stands for Advanced Clean Energy Storage and represents a joint venture aiming to enable the decarbonisation of utilities and industrial activity using hydrogen from renewable sources. ACES Delta will support the Intermountain Power Agency’s IPP Renewed Project—an 840 MW hydrogen-capable gas turbine combined cycle power plant that will initially run on a blend of 30% green hydrogen and 70% natural gas starting in 2025 and incrementally expanding to 100% green hydrogen by 2045. The hub will initially produce 100 tonnes per day of hydrogen using 220 MW of electrolysers.

Endesa As Pontes

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The As Pontes green hydrogen project is the most mature of Endesa’s 23 planned green hydrogen projects and aims to demonstrate the commercial feasability of a large-scale electrolysis plant. will feature a 100-MW electrolyser and six wind farms totalling 611 MW, Endesa said. The plant is located at the As Pontes power plant site and will be powered by wind projects in the area that already have the right of connection.

Cavendish NextGen Hydrogen Hub

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The Cavendish NextGen Hydrogen Hub is the first commercial scale green hydrogen plant in Florida and will use a solar energy park to power the electrolysis plant. The green hydrogen produced will be blended with natural gas and this will then be used to power an existing combustion turbine at a co-located FPL Okeechobee Clean Energy Center. A total of five Cummins HyLYZER®-1000 PEM electrolyzers will be used in the system

Hydrogen City

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Hydrogen City, Texas will be an integrated green hydrogen production, storage, and transport hub growing to 60GW in size and producing over 3 billion kilograms of green hydrogen per year. The project is centered around a hydrogen storage facility in the Piedras Pintas Salt Dome located in Duval County. Pipelines will deliver the green hydrogen to Corpus Christi where it will be turned into green ammonia, sustainable aviation fuel and other products, or delivered by pipeline directly to hydrogen power plants and other users around the state. The project will be built in phases with the first phase expected to commence operations in 2026, consisting of 2GW of production and two storage caverns at the Piedras Pintas salt dome.

Columbus Project

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Carmeuse, ENGIE and John Cockerill are collaborating for a project which will concentrate CO2 from an innovative type of lime kiln, combine it with green hydrogen and produce “e-methane”, a renewable gas that can be used for various purposes. The total investment cost for the project is over 150 million euros. The implementation of this project would make it possible to avoid more than 900,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions during the first 10 years.


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Vattenfall is teaming up with Arge Netz and MAN Energy Solutions on a first industrial-scale power-to-gas plant in Northern Germany that will produce hydrogen and synthetic gas made from renewable energy. The consortium has received funding as part of the ‘Reallabore’ funding scheme and has already secured a number of well-known customers, such as the Volkswagen Group, various logistics firms, municipal utilities and other local companies.


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The Hyport consortium aim to build a commercial green hydrogen plant in the port area of Ostend to be operational by 2025. The hydrogen produced will be used as an energy source for electricity, transport and as a raw material for industrial purposes.

Genesee CCS Project

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Capital Power has partnered with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Kiewit to continue engineering design on the Genesee Project. The project aims to build a carbon capture facility at the Genesee power station to capture 95% of CO2 emissions. The FEED study is being conducted in parallel with the engineering work to advance the Open Access Wabamun Carbon Hub, led by Enbridge Inc, and the carbon captured at Genesee will be transported and stored using this infrastructure.


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H2morrow represents a joint venture between Equinor and OGE to construct a blue hydrogen plant in mainland Europe. Equinor will supply natural gas through a pipeline which will be reformed in Germany to produce hydrogen. The CO2 produced in this process will be captured and returned to Norway through another pipeline for storage.

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