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H2NorthEast is a strategic initiative to build a 1 GW facility producing low carbon, blue hydrogen utilising UK North Sea natural gas that is already processed at the existing CATS Terminal. Over 95% of the CO2 produced will be captured and transported offshore for storage using infrastructure developed by the Northern Endurance Partnership. The project is one of 20 which has been shortlisted for phase-2 of the UK government’s CCUS funding and support process.

Stanlow Refinery Hydrogen

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Vertex Hydrogen is a joint venture between Essar Oil UK and Progressive Energy. Vertex’s low carbon hydrogen production plant will be a core part of the HyNet low carbon cluster. Low carbon hydrogen will be produced at the Stanlow Manufacturing Complex located in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire. The hydrogen will be produced using Johnson Matthey’s best in class LCHTM technology. The low carbon hydrogen produced will then be safely transported via underground pipelines to industry where it will be used to replace the fossil fuel, natural gas.

Project Cavendish

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Project Cavendish aims to kickstart a hydrogen economy in the South East of England by producing blue hydrogen in the industrial region of Isle of Grain. Initially, the site will produce 700 MW of hydrogen before scaling up to 1.75 GW by 2030, increasing the total CO2 abatement to 3 million tonnes per annum.

H2H Saltend

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H2H Saltend is Equinor’s flagship 600-megawatt low carbon hydrogen production plant with carbon capture, which offers to a 30% reduction in the Saltend Chemicals Park’s total current carbon emissions. The plan is backed by at least six local industrial operators who could potentially use this hydrogen to lower the carbon footprint of their processes and products. The project is one of 20 which has been shortlisted for phase-2 of the UK government CCUS cluster sequencing process.

Preem Lysekil Refinery

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A test site facility is currently in operation at Preem’s refinery in Lysekil with the aim of paving the way for a full-scale CCS plant that can be operational by 2025. The plant will capture CO2 from a hydrogen production facility in the refinery which is used in the treatment of crude products. The Swedish Energy Agency and the Norwegian research and development program CLIMIT have contributed to the project with funding alongside that of the consortium.

BP Gulf Coast CCS Hub

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bp and Linde have announced plans to advance a major CCS project in Texas that will enable low carbon hydrogen production at Linde’s existing facilities. The development will also support the storage of CO2 captured from other industrial facilities – paving the way for large-scale decarbonization of the Texas Gulf Coast industrial corridor. As part of the project, bp will appraise, develop and permit the geological storage sites for permanent sequestration of the CO2

Humber H2ub Blue

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Uniper and Shell are progressing plans to produce blue hydrogen at Uniper’s Killingholme site on the South Humber Bank. The Humber H2ub (Blue) project includes a proposed blue hydrogen production facility with a capacity of up to 720 megawatts, using gas reformation technology with carbon capture and storage. The captured carbon would be fed through the proposed Zero Carbon Humber onshore pipeline, part of the East Coast Cluster, selected as one of two carbon capture and storage clusters to be taken forward by the government. The hydrogen produced could be used to decarbonise heavy industry, transport, heating and power throughout the Humber region. The project is expected to be operational later this decade

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