HyTech Hafen Rostock

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By 2026, a 100-megawatt electrolysis plant is to be built on the site of the coal-fired power plant at the Rostock Overseas port. This project is to be developed and built by the newly founded Rostock EnergyPort cooperation GmbH. The energy suppliers RWE Generation, EnBW Neue Energien GmbH, RheinEnergie AG and the port operator ROSTOCK PORT GmbH, are combining their expertise and each has a stake of just under 25 percent in the new company.

Tees Green Hydrogen

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Tees Green Hydrogen, will be a pioneering project, using the green electricity from nearby Teesside Offshore Wind Farm along with a new solar farm, which EDF Renewables UK intends to construct near Redcar, to power its hydrogen electrolyser. The project will supply local business customers with hydrogen to support decarbonisation efforts and a significant reduction in industrial pollution. In its initial phase, the electrolyser will be 30-50 MW in size, but is designed to be able to scale to over 500MW, in line with emerging demand. 


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ELYgator, Air Liquide’s 200 MW electrolyzer project, was selected to be part of the final selection round of the European Innovation Fund’s first call for innovative renewable energy and low-carbon large-scale project proposals. To be located in Terneuzen, this electrolyzer is meant to produce large quantities of renewable hydrogen, contributing to the decarbonization of the Dutch and neighbouring countries’ industry and mobility markets. Implemented in the industrial basin of Terneuzen, in the Netherlands, this project would be connected to Air Liquide’s cross-border pipeline networks.

Project Catalina

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Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners has announced a partnership with Enagás, Naturgy, Fertiberia and Vestas to build a project for the large-scale production of green hydrogen and ammonia in Spain. Catalina Phase I is currently in an advanced development stage and is expected to be fully developed and permitted in less than two years. Construction is planned to start at the end of 2023. The project will consist of 1.7GW of wind and solar energy facilities as well as a 500MW electrolyser capable of producing over 40,000 tonnes of green hydrogen per year. Catalina will bring emissions reductions of 1 million tons of CO2e per year in its first phase, and up to 2.5 million tons per year when it reaches full implementation.

Cavendish NextGen Hydrogen Hub

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The Cavendish NextGen Hydrogen Hub is the first commercial scale green hydrogen plant in Florida and will use a solar energy park to power the electrolysis plant. The green hydrogen produced will be blended with natural gas and this will then be used to power an existing combustion turbine at a co-located FPL Okeechobee Clean Energy Center. A total of five Cummins HyLYZER®-1000 PEM electrolyzers will be used in the system


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The NortH2 consortium, along with the province of Gronigen, are investigating the large-scale supply of hydrogen by working together on all aspects of the supply chain – from wind energy to electrolysis to transmission and storage. The aim is to be able to supply industry with 4GW of green hydrogen by 2030 with the aim upscale to more than 10 gigawatts of green hydrogen production capacity by 2040

Plug Power California

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Plug Power intend to construct the largest green hydrogen production facility on the west coast of the USA, producing 30 metric tons of liquid green hydrogen daily, serving customers from San Diego to Vancouver. The facility will use a new 300 MW zero-carbon solar farm to power 120 MW of Plug Power’s state-of-the-art PEM electrolysers.

P2F Hemweg

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Vattenfall intends to develop a fossil-free hydrogen hub on the site of the former Hemweg coal-fired power plant. Between 2025 and 2030, hydrogen production will be scaled up from 10 MW to 100 MW. The hydrogen will be distributed to customers in the port area via a low-pressure hydrogen pipeline, thus taking the first step towards creating a local, open-access hydrogen system.

Hydrogen City

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Hydrogen City, Texas will be an integrated green hydrogen production, storage, and transport hub growing to 60GW in size and producing over 3 billion kilograms of green hydrogen per year. The project is centered around a hydrogen storage facility in the Piedras Pintas Salt Dome located in Duval County. Pipelines will deliver the green hydrogen to Corpus Christi where it will be turned into green ammonia, sustainable aviation fuel and other products, or delivered by pipeline directly to hydrogen power plants and other users around the state. The project will be built in phases with the first phase expected to commence operations in 2026, consisting of 2GW of production and two storage caverns at the Piedras Pintas salt dome.


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RWE has been granted an environmental permit by the province of Gronigen for a 50 MW electrolyser project. The electrolyser will be directly connected to RWE’s Westereems onshore wind farm ensuring the ‘green’ nature of the hydrogen and relieving the electricity grid. Evonik and BioMCN are both confirmed as future offtakers of the produced hydrogen, allowing them to decarbonise their activities in the chemical sector.

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