Decarb Connect Europe Event Platform Guide

For the best experience on the platform we recommend using Google Chrome

Welcome to the Decarb Connect Europe Event!

We have put together this guide to help you log in and get to know the platform.

  • If you are joining as a Delegate/Attendee: We have attached a Networking section.
  • If you are joining as a Spectator: You only need the Agenda and Log in section

If you have issues or any questions regarding the event or the event platform, please get in touch with

Enjoy the event!

– Iga Prokopowicz, Operations Manager, Decarb Connect

1. Log in Instructions

Having trouble logging in?

In your email inbox should be an email from ‘’ entitled ‘Welcome to the Decarb Connect Europe event platform’. Enclosed in this email should be a link to the event platform log in page – follow this link. *If you did not receive the email check Spam or go to this address:

Once you reach the event platform log in page, enter your email and a log in code will be sent to your inbox and then you will need to enter this log in code on the event platform log in page.

Decarb Connect | Log in

Complete your profile!

Once you have logged in you will need to fill in your profile (name, job title, company and industry). There will also be optional fields to fill in like interest, where you select one or more of the fields you are interested in. This will be helpful for those that have chosen to join our networking experience.

Decarb Connect EU | Complete your profile

Session times appearing in wrong time zone?

Don’t forget to set up the ‘TimeZone’ as this will allow you to see what time the sessions will take place at your local time.

Decarb Connect EU | Timezone

You are in!

You are in! Now you can get to know our platform; check out what sessions are coming up in ‘Agenda’, have a look at who will be speaking in our sessions under ‘Speakers’, keep up to date with the latest event news in ‘Event feed’ and meet our sponsors in ‘Sponsors’.

For those that will be joining us for the networking experience, you can now view who’s attending in ‘Attendees’, pull up a chair in our ‘Networking Lounge’ or book one-to-one meetings in ‘Meetings’.

Click on your profile icon on the tool bar at the top to view the sessions you saved under ‘My Schedule’ or the notes you saved for Attendees/Sessions under ‘My Briefcase’.

Decarb Connect EU | Logged in
Decarb Connect EU | Logged in v2

2. Agenda instructions

Filter your agenda

To view the sessions for each day you will need to click on the column with the dates. If you hover over each session a ‘show more’ dropdown option will appear and when you click it more information on the session can be viewed, for example, the session speakers.

Don’t miss a session by adding it to your calendar!

To avoid missing sessions, plan your day by adding sessions you want to see to your calendar; select the calendar button to save sessions to your platform schedule or click on the bell to add them to your own calendar apps, like Google calendar or Outlook calendar. You can also make notes for each session for yourself by clicking the Sheet of Paper icon.

Decarb Connect | Agenda v1

3. Event Feed Instructions

Check the Event Fees to stay up to date!

The ‘Event Feed’ tab will have all the up-to-date information on the event, from polls and networking updates to interesting takeaways from each session – this might help you find sessions that are of interest to you or be aware of networking opportunities. Connect with the Event Community by posting interesting articles you have come across or topics that caught your attention during the sessions!

Keep an eye on the notifications!

Regularly check the ‘Notifications’ window for updates, like the Networking Lounge opening, which you can access by clicking the Bell icon circled below. Also check the ‘Conversations’ window, which can be accessed by clicking on the Paper Aeroplane icon, as other attendees or speakers might send you a message to chat and possibly meet.

Decarb Connect EU | Event Feed

3. Networking Instructions

Connect and message other attendees

All attendees are under the ‘Attendees’ tab and speakers are on the ‘Speakers’ tab on the main bar. Here you can go through everyone’s profiles and if you find someone you would like to connect with just click on their profile picture to reveal more or hover over their picture and the following icons will appear; a contact icon with the word ‘Meet’ and a paper aeroplane with the word ‘Chat’.

‘Meet’ means you can book a 1-to-1 chat via the platform.

‘Chat’ means you can send them messages within the platform (like, Whatsapp).

Remember to check the Paper Aeroplane icon at the top to view messages from other attendees!

Decarb Connect EU | Networking

Find relevant connections

You can also navigate through the ‘Attendee’ tab by using the Filter, Sort By or Advanced Filter.

Decarb Connect EU | Networking v2

Speed-networking in our Lounge

When the Networking Lounge is open you will see some tables and chairs, just click on a chair and you will be sent to that table for your networking experience.

If you have issues joining, try using Google Chrome, doing the ‘Test Compatibility’ or for troubleshooting please visit

Decarb Connect EU | Networking v3

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Please complete the form below and we will send you a copy of the agenda as soon as it is ready.

Add Me To Your Mailing List

Please complete the form below and we will keep you updated as the event progresses.

Send Me The Agenda

Please complete the form below and we will send you a copy of the agenda as soon as it is ready.