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We are pleased to welcome the following sponsors to participate in Decarb Connect Global Festival 2022.

Global Lead Partner

Carbon Clean

Carbon Clean is a global leader in low-cost CO2 capture technology. The company’s patented technology significantly reduces the costs and environmental impacts of CO2 separation, when compared to existing techniques.

The technology has been proven at scale in over 10 locations, including the UK, USA, Germany, India, Norway and the Netherlands. It is currently in use at the world’s largest industrial-scale carbon capture and utilisation plant in Tuticorin, India.

The company was awarded a ‘Technology Pioneer’ award by the World Economic Forum and most recently selected as one of Cemex Ventures Top50 ConTech startups and named a 2021 Global Cleantech 100 company.

For information about Carbon Clean: www.carbonclean.com

Decarb Connect | Carbon Clean logo

Gold Sponsor

Shell Catalysts & Technologies

Shell Catalysts & Technologies exists to provide Shell and non-Shell businesses with the tools, technologies and insights that are needed to navigate the energy transition.

We are…

…pushing boundaries in the energy transition space. For decades, we have been developing game-changing technological innovations to solve seemingly insurmountable challenges. Now we have, or are developing, a wide range of differentiated solutions that offer attractive decarbonisation opportunities, including biofuels, carbon capture and blue hydrogen technologies.

…an owner–operator–licensor. What sets us apart is the knowledge we have gained from Shell’s corporate heritage as the operator of refineries and petrochemical plants around the world. It also gives us a unique perspective on how refiners can remain competitive as, for example, demand for transport fuel declines.

…a leader in the molecular engineering of hydrocarbons. Our world-class catalyst and research and development expertise has enabled us to establish an enviable track record for developing leading-edge zeolites and catalysts, advanced solvents and pioneering processes, and provides a strong foundation for our future technology development.

Highly complex business and technological challenges lie ahead for the sector. But, with ingenuity, technical prowess and – crucially – collaboration, we can overcome them: Together, we can shape the energy landscape.


Decarb Connect | Shell

Bronze Sponsor


ClimateTrade is a fintech company whose main objective is to help companies achieve their sustainability goals by offsetting CO2 emissions and financing projects against climate change, promoting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and generating a real environmental and social impact.

Pioneer in the development of its marketplace based on Blockchain, Climatetrade has launched digital solutions that allows and promotes the acquisition of carbon neutral products and services by customers and suppliers of different companies.

Blockchain brings a unique added value to the business once it guarantees full transparency, traceability, speed and lower costs of each transaction while delivering a breakthrough user experience

For information about CarbonTrade: www.climatetrade.com

Decarb Connect | ClimateTrade

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