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Accelerating Industrial Decarbonisation Through Collaborative Innovation

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Enel Green Power

Enel Green Power is one of the world’s largest renewable energy players. It is part of the Enel Group, a global utility with the power to deliver cutting-edge, sustainable solutions, from solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal electricity supply to storage systems, green hydrogen, e-mobility and energy efficiency.

Enel Green Power is a strategic partner that enables communities, companies and the final consumers to move towards sustainable living, driving the shift towards a decarbonised society and actively contributing to the development and wellbeing of the territories where it operates.

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Seebo is the Predictive Quality and Yield solution. The Seebo solution is used by global continuous manufacturers to predict and prevent production inefficiencies in a range of energy-intensive industries, including cement, glass, steel, chemicals, oil and gas. 

Seebo Process-Based Artificial Intelligence™ solves complicated process inefficiencies – from emissions reduction and energy efficiency, to production losses like quality, yield, waste and throughput. With Seebo, manufacturers can meet the net-zero challenge and reduce production losses, by revealing the hidden causes of process inefficiencies – knowing why inefficiencies occur, how to solve them, and when to act to prevent them.

Seebo was selected by the World Economic Forum as a technology pioneer company for 2020.

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Welcome to the Decarb Connect Digital Festival – we hope you’ll join us in our mission to accelerate industrial decarbonisation by connecting the hard-to-abate sectors to live project feedback, real-data, partners and innovative technologies that can make NetZero by 2050 a reality.

Our mission is to share intelligence on what is working, by showcasing demonstrations and pilots, so that industrials can learn from the wins and the challenges of their peers also avoid replicating expensive issues which have already been solved.

How will it work?

Digital events aren’t the same as in-person conferences. You know this – we know this. The Decarb Connect Digital Festival combines live-streamed sessions, on-demand discussions, virtual roundtables and deep dives, partnering meetings and a focused set of facilitated introductions for each participant. Content will be available to attendees live during the festival, and then on-demand increasing viewing and engagement opportunities.

Keynote sessions

Live interactive sessions


Hours of insight

Grow and Influence and Business Through Partnering 


Develop new leads and fuel your sales team’s pipeline in key prospect profiles that are actively evaluating solutions and partnership to accelerate their decarbonisation journey.


Amplify your leadership position and aspirations as a partner of choice and a key enabler as hard to abate industry sectors industry commit to turn their decarbonisation goals into reality.


Access to senior decision making and influencers is the single biggest reason for lagging sales cycles – we design our events to give senior influencer’s from your core target groups the knowledge and the network they need to kick start their decarbonisation strategy.


To build, enhance and cement your brand positioning within this space and ensure you’re front of mind with decision makers and key industry stake-holders, as the decarbonisation moves from concept and planning into period of accelerated investment and commitment.

Live Sessions

Keynote Sessions

6 keynote panels and talks giving insight into the C-level carbon agenda from strategy to policy 

Virtual Roundtables

12 small group discussions solving what matters most to you, hosted by speakers and decarbonisation advocates

Virtual Panel Discussions

7 Live streamed panels with polling and Q&A innovation, investment, technology and policy.  

One-to-One Interviews

6 industry interviews – hear execs from different sectors in discussion about an issue central to their strategy

Live Project Reviews

13 live project  updates, 10 more on-demand case studies detailing strategy and deployment evidence

Live Q&A's

13 sessions of hard talk on topics central to your remit  

Who Will You Meet?

The Decarb Connect Digital Festival is for leaders in the hard-to-abate sectors representing cement, metals, oil & gas, power generation, utilities, ceramics, glass, mining, chemicals.  You’ll meet and engage with COOs,  CTOs and heads of corporate & technical strategy, corporate venture, innovation, R&D, sustainability, energy & carbon. 

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Add Me To Your Mailing List

Please complete the form below and we will keep you updated as the event progresses.

Send Me The Agenda

Please complete the form below and we will send you a copy of the agenda as soon as it is ready.