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Decarb Connect
North America, March 28-30, 2023

Decarb Connect North America, March 28-30, 2023 convenes experienced leaders from energy and industrial sectors with the emerging ecosystem for decarbonization. 

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We’re still working closely with the Decarbonization Leaders Network to develop the programme but you can be sure to join pragmatic and high-energy leaders from across North America to kick start valuable collaborations that will prime you for delivering your net zero plans.

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In 2022, we gathered 180+ COOs, CTO & SVPs of decarbonization from across the hard-to-abate sectors to examine both short and longer term decarbonization models.

The event kicked off with site visits to Greentown Labs, NetPower and Cemvita Factory and we’re planning to include site visits in 2023 too. If you’re interested please do contact us. 

Decarbonization brings a specific set of challenges for energy-intensive industries and to address them in 2022 we focused on the following key areas:

  • Identify partners – Cross-industry infrastructure and supply chains for the development of low and zero carbon value-added products and ways for manufacturers from hard-to-abate sectors to form partnerships to acceleratedecarbonization.
  • Road test innovation – CCUS, cost-effective solutions available today and new disruptive technologies.
  • Fine tune business models – prepare your business for successful transition with a focus on business strategy, internal reorganization and risk management

We plan to focus on these areas and more for 2023, providing more opportunities for in-depth discussion and problem-solving

Be sure to join 200+ leaders in Houston for strategic, pan-regional discussions and the opportunity to meet and forge essential new partnerships.

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“The way we’ve approached decarbonization of cement is to take advantage of things that couldn’t have been done a few years ago… due to more sensors and data being recorded, which give incredible insights into cement production facilities. Using the underlying data we’ve created a platform that takes away a lot of the complexity of dealing with conflicting requirements…”
Sherif Elsayed-Ali, Co-founder and CEO, Carbon Re – Bronze Sponsor

“You’re starting to see steel producers passing on a carbon surcharge to customers. It’s early days and we’ll start to see new indices for green steel products. There’s a lot of work in terms of how to define that and the steel industry will continue to work on this.”
Adam Rauwerdink, VP Business Development, Boston Metal

“It’s clear from this discussion that even among key industry players there are different definitions of what an industry hub is … it makes sense that these are different, but important to acknowledge when we’re speaking with policymakers.”
Ken Medlock, Fellow in Energy and Resource Economics, RICE University

Decarbonization Technology 2022 Site Visit

Decarb Connect | DCNA Site Visit
Decarb Connect | Site Visit DCNA

The site visit for DCNA 2022 included tours of NET Power Demonstration Facility, Greentown Labs and Cemvita Factory. Attendees were able to learn about different types of technology that will come to define the energy transition.

During the NET Power tour, attendees learnt about NET Power’s mission and technology – all of which is
focused on providing advanced clean energy through lower-cost power with zero emissions.

Greentown Labs, a climatetech start-up incubator, gave visitors an introduction to the C2V initiative and a chance to meet start-ups and find out about the opportunities to engage and support their development.

At Cemvita Factory, attendees were showed how synthetic biology is being applied to CCUS, converting CO2 to valuable products from chemicals to fuels.

“We learned from the Decarb Connect Greentown Labs site visit yesterday that startups from the most recent generation of startups have raised as much funding in their first round than start ups in the previous 9 years. Funding is picking up pace. As funding starts flowing with more intensity, these startups will go to market sooner and start disrupting the whole environment sooner. It’s coming.”
Edgar Angeles, Executive Vice President, Cement and Technical, Cemex

Keep your eyes open for future site visits at Decarb Connect North America 2023!

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Partnering Opportunities

At Decarb Connect, we offer a plethora of opportunities across our global platform to meet your objectives, whether you want to find new leads, evaluate new partnership opportunities, amplify your leadership position or enhance your brand positioning, our packages are completely bespoke to meet your objectives.

Click here to take a look at our partnership prospectus to see how you could get involved.

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Hard-to-abate sector leaders looking for business models and CO2 opportunities include cement, metals, oil & gas, power generation, utilities, ceramics, glass, mining, chemicals.

Investors seeking opportunities for deploying capital and for essential info that will inform ESG strategies include VCs, PE, Asset Owners, Asset Managers and Investment Banks

COOs,  CTOs and heads of corporate & technical strategy, corporate venture, innovation, R&D, sustainability, energy management & finance.

Technology disruptors and equipment partners looking to support decarbonization efforts and partner on pilots as well as commercial-scale projects in CCUS, hydrogen applications, energy efficiency, fuel switching, AI for co2, co2 re-use and more.

Policy makers and influencers tasked with regional and national incentives and legislation seeking to share funding and policy news while learn about next level of decarbonization incentives industry needs

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