How to get CCUS to commercial scale

23rd November 2020

How to get CCUS to commercial scale
Guloran Turan, General Manager of Advocacy & Communication at the Global CCS Institute.
.With plenty of detractors as well as major backers, Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage tech has been a keen area of interest in industry. For the hard to abate sectors, this might be the single most important technology in their mission to decarbonise – but questions remain about how to make it an affordable reality. There are also plenty of people who believe it is nothing more than a way for “business as usual” to continue

Guloran Turan brings many years of experience to the discussion, having been the head of climate change activities at BG Group before joining the Global CCS Institute. The conversation spans discussions of the current state of play in CCUS, including the range of projects at scale in addition to next gen deployments in discussion, through to what needs to happen for technologies to get to full commercial viability.

This episode is for you if you’re interested in CCUS, curious about the current state of play but also want to understand what it will take for next gen technology innovations to get to scale.

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