How to shorten the time from demonstration to commercialisation of new industrial decarbonisation tech

2nd November 2020

How to shorten the time from demonstration to commercialisation of new industrial decarbonisation tech
Alex Cameron, Founder of Decarb Connect talks with Dr Gbemi Oluleye, Research Associate – Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College.

The climate challenge (and current netzero commitments) mean that industry needs solutions that can go from innovation to commercial scale much more rapidly than usual. We need technologies and business models to scale quickly – so what types of simultaneous innovations are required of policy, business models and technology to ensure that we decarbonise industry in time for Net Zero 2040/2050?

Industry, policy, technology challengers and consumers – all of us play a role in accelerating the time it will take for decarbonisation innovation to get to commercial scale. Alex talks with Dr Gbemi Oluleye to explore how the wider system could come together to influence scalability of tech.

This episode is for you if you’re considering investment in an early stage tech, if you’re involved in policy or if you’re an industrial wondering how you’ll meet critical co2 commitments. If you’re new to the fiield of industrial decarbonisation, our discussion about the challenges for scaling technologies that work quickly enough is a great starting point for immersing yourself in the subject. The conversation also examines emerging opportunities including Decarbonisation As Service and Decarbonisation System Orchestration.

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