Norsk-E fuel

E-fuels Climeworks AG, Paul Wurth SA, SMS Group, Sunfire, Valinor Mosjoen Norway Refining 2025

Norsk e-Fuel is a Norwegian company and a European consortium of 5 partners industrializing Power-to-Liquid production by converting CO2 and H2O to fuel through electrochemical reaction using 100 % renewable Norwegian electricity. This alternative fuel allows to travel via existing infrastructures without increasing the carbon footprint and putting additional strain on the environment. Norsk e-Fuel uses CO2 provided from industrial points sources as well as extracted from the atmosphere via direct air capture technology from Climeworks. By aspiring to integrate Sunfire’s most efficient electrolysis technologies into the production process we aim for the highest product output per electricity input. Bringing the know-how of the technology partners together, Paul Wurth will provide the necessary competence to make industrialization at scale possible. Lux-Airport, aerodrome operator of Luxembourg Airport has the expert network to offtakers and insights into the aviation market for a successful market entry