Westkuste 100 1

E-fuels, Green Hydrogen EDF, Holcim, OGE, Ørsted, Raffinerie Heide, Stadtwerke Heide, Thyssenkrup and Thüga Heide Germany Chemicals, General Industry, Transport -- https://www.westkueste100.de/en/

The renewable energy generated by wind turbines will be used to generate green hydrogen through a 30 MW electrolyser at the Heide refinery. The hydrogen will be used to produce climate-friendly aircraft fuels or be fed into gas grids. The production of aircraft fuels without any fossil sources will involve the use of CO2 emissions from a local cement plant. The idea is to start the Westkuste project with a 30 MW electrolysis plant, which will provide insights into the operation, maintenance, control and grid support capabilities of the equipment in preparation for the next scale-up step.