Whitetail Clean Energy

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Whitetail Clean Energy is poised to be one of the UK’s first net zero emissions power plants, with the project delivering 350 MWe of dispatchable power from natural gas, whilst capturing up to 98% of its CO2. It will provide low-cost, clean and reliable energy that can decarbonise supply for the North East of England, whilst complimenting the growth of renewables. The project has scalability at its core, having been supported by UK Government since 2012, and most recently through a BEIS funded pre-FEED study enabling Whitetail to develop a plant that can be easily deployed anywhere in the UK. The process enables the harvest and treatment of near food grade CO2, which will be transported and stored using the East Coast Cluster infrastructure. The project is one of three power CCS projects to be shortlisted for phase-2 of the UK government’s CCUS funding and support process. Whitetail Clean Energy will secure thousands of high-quality jobs in Teesside, whilst also creating a high-tech supply chain and export market. During construction Whitetail Clean Energy will create 2000 jobs and support 200 skilled technicians during operations