Webinar Speakers:
: Joelle Marie Juergensen, Corporate Account Manager, STRIVE by STX
Moderator: Austin Wentworth, Head of North America, STRIVE by STX

  • Mark Lynch, Global Commodity Lead, Kerry Group.
  • Adam Brain, Global Director of Climate Action, M2030
  • Sustainability Director, Owens & Illinois

With 2030 just around the corner, industrials are moving fast to deliver commitments, secure low carbon energy wins and at the same time are facing increasing demands for sustainability data and collaboration from across their value chains. How can they balance all of these outcomes?

Join us for this free webinar if you face these challenges:

  • Do you need some additional/quick wins to secure your 2030 commitments?
  • Are you concerned about how to navigate and prioritize decarbonization data and requests from multiple clients?
  • Are your procurement and energy teams struggling with lack of transparency into pricing across green commodity markets?
  • Are you trying communicate the drivers and benefits of sustainability to value chain partners who have yet to engage, but who may hold the key to your Scope 3 emissions plans?

Sign up for this webinar and hear from the host, Joelle Marie Juergensen from STRIVE by STX, as she introduces the discussion with a review of how global organisations like the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) can support industry as it aligns commercial plans with emission reductions. Joelle will also set the scene for a discussion about how to handle the increasing volume and complexity of demands from value chain partners who need more and more emissions and sustainability data to manage their own reporting and roadmaps.

You’ll then hear from our industry panel who’ll offer actionable ideas and insights covering:

  • How to navigate the complexities of procuring OTC (over the counter) green energy products
  • Tools and approaches being used to manage the volume of decarbonisation data requests from multiple clients
  • Approaches being deployed by the panellists to communicate the drivers and benefits of sustainability to value chain partners, including suppliers and customers who are essential to industrial Scope 3 plans?
  • Short term sustainability wins that offer quick and valuable routes to achieving 2030 targets
  • Insights into how Kerry Group and OI are prioritising and addressing sustainability procurement amid competing commercial demands

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