16th September 2020

Participate in, and share the results of, the Decarb Connect Survey

Most of what we hear about decarbonisation highlights that many industrials feel unclear on what others are doing, how their plans compare and whether their plans stack up… and this is within industry siloes – there’s even less clarity on what others are doing and achieving in other energy-intensive sectors.

So would you consider contributing to the first global benchmarks being built to explore how hard to abate sectors are planning, investing and deploying around their decarbonisation strategies?

This cross-sector review of activity seeks to highlight the progress, but also pain points, that are part of the status quo:

  • Are people hiring or reallocating existing resource?
  • Has covid slowed investment or galvanised activity?
  • What levels of investment are planned in the next 18months and 5 years?
  • Which technologies are the priority of each sector?
  • Which vendors are seen as trusted partners?
  • How many live projects are there in companies across the hard to abate sectors and where are people seeing results?

Industrials completing the survey will get access to the full report and can also attend the free online benchmarking roundtable in November.

For anyone else involved in industrial decarbonisation projects, fill in your part of the survey and you’ll be able to access the exec summary.

All attendees of the Decarb Connect Digital Festival will receive a full report into the metrics and takeaways that we will be writing with one of our sponsor partners.

Get in touch if you’d like to know more or if you’d be interested to co-sponsor the report and contribute to the analysis.

(complete the survey below, or open it in a new window here.)

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