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Our mission is to accelerate decarbonisation by working with decarbonisation leaders in the most energy-intensive sectors. We focus on those with complex challenges to solve.

Our global platform combines a unique industry-only membership network with open-access events and webinars, industry reports, podcast and more.

We broker access to hard-to-reach information and facilitate collaborations – all with the goal of accelerating decarbonisation in the hardest-to-abate sectors.

Latest Insights and Meetings

Our membership network (Decarbonisation Leaders Network) is the root of all we do. We work closely with members to set the research agenda for reports, events, webinars and our podcast.

Decarb Connect Canada, 2023

Join 40+ speakers and 200+ attendees from industrial energy-intensive manufacturers and stakeholders across all components of the decarbonization challenge to drive collaboration and practical solutions.

ON-DEMAND: Overcoming the Challenges to Decarbonise the Glass Value Chain

This webinar has now taken place. Watch this on-demand webinar, where Shell, Glass Futures, and NSG Group (Thermal Battery) explore: What are the major hurdles to decarbonise glass? What are the necessary contributions of the value chain members to decarbonise glass? How can the industry develop a path forward to overcome these challenges? Speakers  Daniel […]

Decarb Power 2023

Dedicating leadership resources & teams to creating business models and projects that will ultimately deliver competitive 24/7 carbon-free energy. Meet them at Decarb Power, benchmark your plans and create an unrivalled personal network that to support your goals.

ON-DEMAND: Electrification as the Least Cost Path to Decarbonization for Hard to Abate Sectors

This webinar has now taken place. Watch this on-demand webinar, where Buzzi Unicem (Cement), SABIC (Chemicals), and Electrified Thermal Solutions (Thermal Battery) share insights on the roadmap and opportunities for electrification in hard to abate industrial sectors: Hitting the Highest Temperatures with Electricity – how can we use electricity to make cement and conduct chemical […]

Decarb Connect North America, 2024

Decarb Connect's Flagship Event returns to the USA for March 2024. Register your interest today.

Decarb Catalyst, 2024

Where industry, policymakers, technologists and financiers will all be brought together to focus on maintaining momentum to 2025 amid an energy crisis.

Key Members and Contributors

Here are just some of the profiles of existing members and contributors to our content that work with us to support our mission.

Leading Voices in Decarbonisation

“I’ve joined the DLN since it’s very beginning as an advisor, because DLN is a multi-sectoral network where we can learn from major industries like cement, steel, gas, aluminium and others.

At Holcim our journey to net zero is defined and we know that we must look at what’s happening outside.to leverage on the best technologies. DLN is the unique opportunity to exchange on the updated technologies to decarbonise our industrial and ultimately decarbonise the planet.”

Edelio Bermejo, Head of R&D, Innovation and IP, Holcim

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