A sample of our Members:

The Decarbonisation Leaders Network (DLN), is a community powered by Decarb Connect. Spread across the globe, the DLN is a growing group of senior industrial leaders from across the energy intensive sectors who are dedicated to accelerating decarbonisation.

Our single mission is to support hard-to-abate sectors such as; cement and concrete, O&G, chemicals, metals, glass and more, with the difficult challenge, and journey to reach net-zero.

Our centralised knowledge base encourages members to discuss and dissect their shared challenges, by facilitating access to the right people and solutions to drive beyond ambitious statements and targets.

Key themes we focus on include

  • CCUS Landscape, funding, technology, policy and more
  • Decarbonisation global policy
  • Hydrogen Policy, Hubs and investment
  • Industrial Cluster & Hubs
  • Energy transition & tomorrow’s energy mix
  • Alternative fuels & Bio economies
  • Finance and investment opportunities
  • Making industrial scope 3 emissions plans manageable, reliable and targeted
  • …and much more

Our Approach


With 200+ leaders active within our membership we can help connect you to the right people straight away. Targeted introductions to peers tackling critical decarbonisation issues – we help facilitate these to people who will become central to your personal network and allow you to share your experiences with them.


Access monthly meetings, networking sessions, Decarb Connect conferences, exclusive reports, fireside chats, panel discussions and monthly structured meetings with DLN members to tackle your most important questions, with fellow DLN Members and many more decarb stakeholders and leaders.


Identify new technologies, strategies, and business models with members and working groups committed to solving the biggest challenges ahead of the decarbonisation race. Learn and share with the leaders who are dedicated to furthering the knowledge of the decarb space.


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