This webinar has now taken place.

Decarbonization leaders are aware that as the energy transition accelerates, companies must adapt to stay relevant. They know that developing a feasible yet ambitious energy transition strategy to address a company’s global emissions will significantly impact its contribution to the climate crisis. The interplay between the production of goods, energy consumption, and sourcing choices underscores the need for strategic decisions based not only on future energy economics, but also on emissions.

Within this dynamic shift of priorities, new champions are emerging, challenging established leaders to expedite their energy transformation. What are the primary catalysts behind this transformation, and how can you capitalize on them today?

This session includes expert views from ENGIE Impact and ArcelorMittal Belgium on:

  1. Navigating the Economic Landscape: How the current economic context impacts the energy transition of hard-to-abate businesses
  2. Collaborative Leadership: Adapting to market realities and forging alliances to advance your energy transition goals.
  3. Showcasing Success: Discussion on the development of energy transition projects, by major utilities and steel industry players


Ben Moens
Managing Director, Sustainability Solutions
ENGIE Impact

Philippe Alboort
Manager, Business Development and Strategic Partnerships
ArcelorMittal Belgium

Stephan Gobert
SVP Hydrogen