A new ecosystem of tech and partners is emerging bringing new kinds of collaborations.

Membership of the Decarbonization Leaders Network brings the opportunity to meet with peers and cross-sector allies from across the energy-intensive sectors.

By learning with your peers, including share your own successes, we’re creating a network that can jointly progress – speeding up decisions & making robust choices that will accelerate decarbonisation.


How it works

Once your membership is confirmed and subscription received, you’ll be sent the following:

  • Calendar invites for live members’ meetups (currently digital, in-person – in the future)
  • Access details to members’ private website
  • Link to the discussion and networking app (you can also access this via your desktop)
  • We’ll email you the members content calendar and your discount codes and free tickets where relevant
  • We’ll also draw your attention to the Terms and Conditions. And don’t worry – your data is always in your control and the messaging is private.

Each month we’ll post a note and email you about the content focus – and you’ll always be able to head back to the members page so you can always easily find the latest news, roundtable plans, meet ups etc.

Please note: Membership is open to manufacturers from hard-to-abate sectors. Fill in the application if you would like to join. As we review your application, we will share with you our membership structure, proceedings and fees. Apply now to be given a free 30 day trial.

Join the Decarbonisation Leaders Network

Now that you’ve read about the network, we hope you’ll join. Membership is open to producers of hard-to-abate materials. Access a free 30 day trial to make sure the membership is right for you.

Membership Brochure

Find out more about how our community of decarbonisation leaders from industrial sectors can help you on your journey to Net Zero.

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Membership is open to producers of hard-to-abate materials. Apply now.

Meet the Founding Council

Cem Gercek

Cem Gercek

North America Operations Manager/Decarb Lead, Carmeuse

Ed Heath-Whyte

Ed Heath-Whyte

Head of Environment & Sustainability, Liberty Steel Group

Geoff Mackey

Geoff Mackey

Corporate Affairs and Sustainability Director, BASF

Ian Riley

Ian Riley

CEO, World Cement Association

Edelio Bermejo

Edelio Bermejo

Head of R&D, Innovation and IP, Holcim

Why join the Decarbonization Leaders Network?

  • Target introductions to peers tackling critical decarbonisation issues – The Decarbonisation Leaders Network (DLN) is a private, peer-to-peer community specifically for executives from hard-to-abate sectors tasked with decarbonisation. Membership is only open to those within energy-intensive sectors. We’ll facilitate introductions to people who’ll be central to your personal network, plus you’ll have the opportunity to share your company’s experience with potential industrial collaborators across sectors.
  • Accelerate your plans by speeding up the decisions that underpin your decarb strategy – Through networking meetings and 1-2-1 introductions you’ll gain access to ideas, insights and data that will help you speed up the evaluation and decision making around your plans. Learn from the hard lessons others have learned and identify the potential stakeholders in the supply chain that you could partner with. Whether you want to meet industrials, solution providers or investors, the decarbonisation leaders network can help you meet the right people through targeted research and introductions
  • Identify new technologies, new strategies, and business models – Most companies start their decarbonisation journey by identifying the technologies that could work for them – through the DLN you’ll not only meet technology providers, but also learn about the business models, commercial structures and revenue opportunities that will make decarbonisation real for your business.
  • Member-only insights and theme focus – Easy access to exclusive reports, fireside chats and panel discussions released on a monthly basis focused on key themes.
  • Position yourself as a subject matter expert in the monthly meet-ups – A regular date in the diary for all member to connect and discuss the theme of every given month, from ‘CO2 Transport’, “ Alternative Fuels”, “Scope 3 Emissions’ and ‘The Future of Hydrogen’. Contribute your expertise and thoughts whilst also gaining knowledge from other members in a similar scenario. This is a great opportunity to position yourself as a subject-matter-expert and to get to know other members and guests.
  • Your personal feedback loop – the member-only app – Looking for informal advice but don’t need a call? Access the app and post questions, comments and articles of interest with your fellows and gain their opinion. You can directly message each other in the app and build everlasting relationships.
  • Your perks – Free tickets for you and your team, discounts and contributor opportunities across the Decarb Connect live events, webinars, podcast and reports – providing you with the opportunity to increase brand awareness, position yourself and your company as a thought leader, whilst also curating additional content to share with your wider network. Access 5 annual summits in key regions, 10 monthly meet ups, member dinners and socials (in-person), custom content and target research and carefully facilitated introductions across the international community.

​Who you will meet

You’ll meet an international group of executives all committed to driving industrial decarbonisation.

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Existing members include:

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Ever wanted to be a fly on the wall to see and hear how others are setting strategy?

In the Decarbonisation Leaders Network,  you just need to go to the app and check the archive of chats and messaging.

Ever wish you could get more backing for your plans and deployment?

Shoot others in the Decarbonisation Leaders Network a message and get the support or insight you need.

Ever wish you could brainstorm with experienced and problem-solving experts?

Set up a working group and use the Decarbonisation Leaders Network to co-create solutions.

Ever Want to informally stress test some thinking?

Message, post a question or contact us to set up a roundtable. This is not a static network – we’re building this together to ensure everyone makes progress.

Connect with Members

Network with all the members of the DLN community during our virtual and in-person meet ups, and also through our networking app ‘Circle‘, which you can access on your mobile device and desktop/laptop. Join the conversation on Circle and stay up to date on the latest news, engage in decarbonisation discussions, and find out what other members are up to in the decarbonisation space.

Get in touch for more information: Jack Figg, Membership Executive

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Members Only Content

The DLN Team

Decarb Connect | Nathan Meyer


Nathan Meyer

Community Manager

E: nathan@decarbconnect.com

Decarb Connect | Jack Figg, Membership Executive


Jack Figg

Memberships Executive

E: jack@decarbconnect.com

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