Leveraging climate metrics to catalyze investment flow

Ewa Jackson joins Alex to talk about climate metrics and their role in accelerating the flow of capital into climate tech (including industrial applications)

Ewa Jackson, Managing Director of Sustainable and Transition Solutions at BlackRock, joins Alex Cameron of Decarb Connect to explore how the landscape for investment in decarbonisation and energy transition is maturing and the need for the right sets of metrics and data to really improve investor understanding and allocations.

You’ll hear about BlackRock’s own experience in this area – with 655bn in sustainable assets there’s a lot to explore – and whilst there’s no single metric that can tell the whole story, Eva gives her perspective on the sets of metrics that are proving most vital to different sustainable investment products.

You’ll also get some insight into the structural megatrends that institutional clients are most focused. Finally, the conversation explores the need for emerging markets (which account for 60%+ of emissions) to attract the kind of capital that can drive real world outcomes.

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