Leveraging the EU’s green industrial plan to make long term energy storage business models affordable in the early stages

Doron Brenmiller joins Alex to talk about thermal energy storage but also how Brenmiller and its tech, listed on Nasdaq, have leveraged EU incentives to develop commercial projects and to scale.

With many different pots of incentives and cash within the EU industrial plan and other innovation funds, we wanted to talk with a company who has made use of these to help scale their projects.

Listen in to learn how Doron Brenmiller, Chief Business Officer, Brenmiller has ensured that the 10 year old disrupter in thermal energy storage has been able to work with industry and corporate partners to secure valuable support and incentives.

You’ll hear about their technology, about some of the key projects around the world that they have in place (including with ENEL, FortLev and Tempo) and learn about how thermal energy storage is scaling up to ever higher heat potential. This is critical tech for emitters seeking a way to maximise clean energy from renewables but who have concerns about the impact of intermittency on their processes.

Doron explains how can industrials and their tech partners can tap into EU funding to create viable projects in the early stage of scaling. He also talks about the drivers that are bringing emitters to their technology, whether its gas prices or energy insecurity.

This Nasdaq-listed business has a strong story from launch to scale up and there’s plenty here for emitters, other tech companies, policy influencers and investors to takeaway.

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