Donaldsonville Complex

Blue Ammonia CF Fertilisers, EnLink, ExxonMobil Donaldsonville, Lousiana USA Chemicals 2025

CF Industries is investing $198.5 million to construct a CO2 compression and dehydration unit at its Donaldsonville Complex in Louisiana. CF Industries estimates this project would capture up to 2 million tons of process CO2 per year, enabling the production of up to 1.7 million tons of blue ammonia annually. Engineering activities and procurement of major equipment for the facility are in progress, and modification of the site’s existing equipment to allow integration with existing operations has begun. It was announced in October 2022 that CF Industries would collaborate with EnLink and ExxonMobil on the project. Enlink will provide the transportation infrastructure for the captured carbon and ExxonMobil will be responsible for the permanent storage at their property in Vermilion Parish.