Polaris Project Norway

CCS Hub E.ON, Equinor, Horisont Energi, Vår Energi Markoppneset Norway Chemicals 2025 https://www.horisontenergi.no/carbon-storage/

The Polaris project partnership, consisting of Horisont Energi, Equinor and Vår Energi, plans to utilise the Polaris reservoir to permanently store CO₂ from the Barents Blue ammonia factory, a world-scale production plant for clean ammonia intended to be located at Markoppneset near Hammerfest in Finnmark. In addition to storing CO2 from this ammonia plant, there are also plans to construct a CO2 export terminal in Rotterdam to further supply CO2 for storage in the Polaris Reservoir. This would significantly increase the annual CO2 injection of the project as there is an estimated capacity of 100 million tonnes of CO2 storage.