Reducing methane in cattle with the twin focus of radical climate impact plus a profitable, marketable and scalable tech platform

Join Alex Cameron, CEO of Decarb Connect, as she talks with Steve Meller, Founder and CEO of CH4 Global about reducing methane in cattle with the twin focus of radical climate impact.

Reducing methane in cattle with the twin focus of radical climate impact plus a profitable, marketable and scalable tech platform

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Steve Meller, Founder and CEO of CH4 Global, joined Alex to talk about the scale up of his company which is focused on massively reducing methane emissions from cattle using a seaweed technology.  

Steve Meller brings experience from the corporate, entrepreneurial and academic world to his leadership of CH4 Global – all are playing their part from the selection of the tech, the selection of the team and the essential core of a product that is commercially profitable from first sale. Listen to hear how Steve has led the scale up from research and lab development through their current project to construct their first commercial-scale facility.  

Agriculture accounts for 12 gigatonnes of CO2-equivalent methane – whether you’re focused on ch2 or CO2, listen in to learn how CH4 Global is scaling and their focus on real impact tied to a strong commercial.

Steve talks with Alex about their capital efficient approach focused on validating the science, demonstrating commercial-scale production, and ensuring positive economics for farmers. He also discussed strategic partnerships for further scaling, critical to accessing the global market for his product.  

Key points of discussion:  

  • Selecting an approach, technology and team that can deliver an outsized impact by 2030 
  • Building a cost-effective and profitable platform without subsidies 
  • Scalability of on-land production of seaweed 
  • Timeline to their first commercial facility to be completed in 2024 

You’ll also hear how CH4 Global raised $55M to date through angel, seed, and venture funding and their next steps in terms of funding rounds.  

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