Schneider Electric: The role of the Prosumer in accelerating the energy transition - what solutions will enable a more resilient and flexible grid?

Scott Harden, CTO of Innovation at Schneider Electric, leads the technology roadmap for Innovation across Schneider Electric, which as all our listeners will know is a leader in the sustainability. Scott joins the podcast to talk about the prosumer and its impact in the energy transition.

Our core discussion centers on the need for electrification and increased resilience across the grid (both are key to industrials targeting decarbonization), so listen in to hear our wide ranging discussion on these kinds of points:

  • What does a fully decarbonised grid look like… physically and theoretically?
  • Who will need to participate in order to modernize the grid what will different groups bring to the table?
  • What business models and service opportunities could be unleashed by a fully decarbonised grid?
  • Listen in to understand the role the “Prosumer” plays in this but also the real shift needed to reconsider the grid and to reimagine who can contribute to its evolution.
  • What role will innovations like AI play – pivotal to building an economy propelled by new forms of energy
  • How far off “decarbonization by design” are we?

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