In this webinar, we take a quick look at some new ways of doing carbon capture which may help the industry scale up over the 2020s in Europe.

Date: 19 May 2023

Time: 10am GMT, 11am CET

Webinar sponsored by Decarb Connect.

We anticipate 5 x 10 minute talks on:

  • A NEW BUSINESS MODEL – capturing CO2 from cement and using it in manufacturing
  • CAPTURE TECHNOLOGY – a technology to reduce the cost of CO2 capture from a gas stream
  • CAPTURE BUSINESS MODELS – charging for CO2 capture by the tonne, for an all-in service including capture equipment, transport and storage
  • 4D SEISMIC FOR STORAGE MONITORING – how we can check CO2 is going where we expect, demonstrate to others, and if necessary stop any problem from getting worse
  • CARBON CREDITS FOR CARBON CAPTURE – how we can connect people who want to spend money on CCS to offset their own emissions, with people building CCS plants

All of these topics could easily be handled in great depth, with a webinar by themselves, but in this session we will ask speakers to present just the most important points, at a moderate technical level.

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