What to expect from COP28

To kick off the new series of Decarb Connect’s podcast, join Alex Cameron and Anand Gopal, Executive Director of Policy Research at Energy innovation, to explore their expectations of COP28 and how industrial decarbonisation could be pushed forward at the meeting.

Whether you’re 100% focused in the climate space or not, there’s no escaping the media coverage of the COP series – and this year’s location and chairman are bringing a lot of different views to the fore even before the meeting has started.

Learn about how different stakeholders are preparing for COP, what it could mean for discussions that it is being hosted by a leading O&G producing nation and what the likely outcomes of fossil fuel discussion, global renewables commitments and other discussions will be.

In addition, you’ll hear some key points on the pros and cons of relying on trade policy for industrial decarbonisation goals and Anand’s sense of the most current blockers and opportunities for industrials.

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Anand Gopal is Energy Innovation’s Executive Director, Policy Research, where he leads the firm’s research and modeling teams, supporting policy design to reduce emissions equitably at the speed and scale required to meet the climate challenge. Past organizations that he has worked with include the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL). He also is Vice Chair of the Board at the International Council on Clean Transportation and a board member at Veloz

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