Our Mission at Decarb Connect

At Decarb Connect our mission is to accelerate decarbonisation by working with decarbonisation leaders in the most energy-intensive sectors. We focus on those with complex challenges to solve. Our global platform combines a unique industry-only membership network with open-access events and webinars, industry reports, podcast and more.

We broker access to hard-to-reach information and facilitate collaborations – all with the goal of accelerating decarbonisation in the hardest-to-abate sectors.

Decarbonisation Leaders Network

The Decarbonisation Leaders Network (DLN) is at the core of everything we do

The DLN is a growing group of senior industrial leaders from across the energy intensive sectors who are dedicated to accelerating decarbonisation.

Our single mission is to support these sectors such as; cement and concrete, O&G, chemicals, metals, glass and more, with the difficult challenge, and journey to reach net-zero.

Our centralised knowledge base encourages members to discuss and dissect their shared challenges, by facilitating access to the right people and solutions to drive beyond ambitious statements and targets.

Events & Webinars

Since the launch of Decarb Connect in 2020, we have a wealth of experience in delivering both virtual and in-person events focused on decarbonisation challenges and opportunities. Our events and webinars all stem from feedback from within the DLN and our wider network.

Our in-person event series reaches across Europe and North America bringing solutions to the forefront with leading expert speakers and attendees across the decarbonisation ecosystem. That’s not all, the events offer the opportunity to see live project and pilot plants in action with our site tours.

If you’re seeking partnership opportunities with start-ups or investors, on a fact finding mission or simply looking to broaden your knowledge of decarbonisation challenges and solutions, our events and webinars provide positive outcomes that impact your decarbonisation journey.


There’s a lot of white noise in the industry, so how do you decide what’s a ‘must attend’ or a ‘must read’?

We break this down for you through our combination of formats across our reports, newsletter, podcast and on-demand library, so you can consume only the latest ‘must-know’ news. Gain access to actionable insights and be a fly on the wall for those interesting conversations.

Our industry reports and discovery papers, all based on a key focus areas such as CCUS, industrial heat, transport and more, collate research into a digestible format so you understand the stats, the content and what this means for you and your company.

The Decarb Connect monthly newsletter can become your monthly update across the space as we highlight top articles and changes in the decarbonisation space, specifically in relation to hard-to-abate sectors.

Alex Cameron, Founder & CEO of Decarb Connect also takes a deep dive asking those difficult questions and need to know answers with decarbonisation leaders across the ecosystem on the Decarb Connect podcast. Check it out on all major steaming platforms including iTunes and Spotify.

The on-demand library also provides a wealth of content at your finger tips – all searchable and for free!