The evolution of the CCS value chain

A couple of months ago we produced a report with Gaffney Cline that looked at the evolution of the Carbon Capture and Storage Value Chain. Today I’m joined by Mark Wilkie and Nick Fulford of Gaffney Cline. We’ll dig into the findings a little but also hear how their perspective is continuing to evolve.

If you’re working on industrial decarbonisation than most likely carbon capture is one of the elements of your plans that you’re developing. Listen in to this episode with Mark Wilkie and Nick Fulford of Gaffney Cline to explore how the value chain and business model around CCS is evolving.

You’ll hear about how plans and projects are evolving in different markets (from EU to US to Canada and Asia).

You’ll also explore the key elements needed to make projects work from evaluating the commitment of emitters, storage in proximity to capture and the varying business models. You’ll also learn about the appetite amongst financiers/investors for key projects.

This conversation takes as its base our recent survey and report into Carbon Capture, so if you’ve not yet taken a look you can find a link to this below.

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