Creating a global market that decarbonises critical materials: CarbonFree and the co2 reuse market

Join Alex Cameron and the CEO of CarbonFree, Martin Keighley (the Former CEO of Tata Chemicals US) to talk about co2 reuse and how to decarbonise critical materials.

You’ll hear about how the market opportunity for converting co2 into key materials – and specifically will hear from martin on CarbonFree’s SkyCycleTM product which captures and utilizes carbon emissions from hard-to-abate industrial sources. Post-capture, these emissions are converted into specialty chemicals and materials including calcium carbonate.

This is also an opportunity to learn how CarbonFree has scaled and about some of the projects and partnerships being forged. While Co2 Utilization is still a pretty nascent, Martin explains the progress being made in this space in the last 12 months alone and also explores how recent IRA policy changes for carbon capture have been so important.

In addition, the conversation examines how the Capture Carbon Utilization Parity Act that has been proposed is going to set the scene for expansion of this critical decarbonization tech and how it will influence market development. And finally, for those keen to learn about examples of real projects, Martin also talks about recent collaborations with BP and US Steel.


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