Underinvestment, Energy Crisis and Policy Durability

Join Carbon Infrastructure Partners’ Craig Golinowski as he shares his assessment of the decarbonisation landscape

40bn tonnes a year of GHGs is a massive issue that people on all sides of the political spectrum are committed to tackling. But are our international policies up to the task? Can we get around the historic lack of investment in energy that has both created a reliance on key products/markets and is now effectively pushing some countries to spend even more on fossil fuels? And is it realistic to make the big switch to renewables or do we have to rethink and re-engage with existing fuel mixes?

Craig joined the podcast earlier in the year and talked about the Carbon Paradox, which at the time theorised that underinvestment in energy, too much focus on renewables and future shortages of natural gas would simply lead to more use of dirtier fuels. A few months on, now with a War in Ukraine to contend with, and we are seeing just that – more reliance (not less) on fossil fuels.

So what’s the answer? Join us to get Craig’s assessment of the decarbonisation landscape and to hear his perspective on gas and nuclear as an essential part of any sustainable energy mix. Alex and Craig discuss the need for durable policy, and dig into Craigs assessment that more, not less, development of gas is needed.

We also explore the emerging role of the U.S as the single largest “buyer of CO2” with the updated $85 per tonne price point – does this not only jumpstart U.S decarbonisation but also help them leapfrog other nations and regions, perhaps drawing in investment from those markets?

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