Heat pump innovation: Decarbonising industrial steam and heat

Andrei Klochko joins Alex to explore how heat pump technology is scaling to take on the heat and steam requirements of industry

For many working on decarbonisation of industry, the typical roadmap includes renewables, ccus, hydrogen and energy efficiency. But with heat pump tech stepping up to the industrial landscape, this podcast is a chance to hear from an innovator already working on industrial levels of heat and steam production.

Right now, Airthium supports industrial heat requirements between 100 and 550°C which is around 15-20% of worldwide industrial heat demand. With technology in development that aims to deliver even higher temperatures, listen in to learn about Airthiums approach and the types of clients that they are targeting.

We look at the cost and co2 comparison with investment in renewables, the space requirements and the market segments that can benefit from this technology right now.

Learn about the applications that work now, but also the future for seasonal energy storage and higher heat requirements.

  1. Learn more about Airthium’s two-step strategy to decarbonize the electrical grid: https://airthium.com
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