Supporting the scale and acceleration of industrial decarbonisation

Our Mission

We support those driving decarbonisation in the most energy-intensive sectors – those with complex challenges to solve.

We broker access to hard-to-reach information and facilitate network relationships – all with the goal of accelerating decarbonisation.

We work closely with our cross-industry advisors and research contacts to find out what is most needed in terms of introductions, information and solutions. Then we provide access to content, stories and voices not generally ‘on the circuit’.

We are actively seeking a diverse group of advisors to join our event board: if you’re from a hard-to-abate industry and would be interested in informing the direction of the event series and members content – get in touch.


Whatever the specific opportunity you need help realising this year, or the barrier to your next big win that needs solving – each of our events pulls together speakers, fact finding missions, experts and disruptors to get you information you’ll actually use.

Member Meet-Ups

In addition to premium conferences, we offer free basic membership of the network including access to core content and downloads. You also get access to free meet ups throughout the year. Join us is making this work; Got an idea for a meet up? Got an idea for a working group? Tell us what we can do to fund it, host it or support it – thats how the network can make all the difference.

Members Network

We view our work as successful when you can forge strong and scalable collaborations. We broker access to the information and introductions that you need. Whether it’s through events or facilitating 1-2-1 introductions within the membership group, we’ll help you create partnerships that move you forward.

Expert Bank

Joining the network gives great benefits to you and allows us to get to know you and your requirements. At the same time, we ask all network members to sign up to the principle of generosity in service. In practice this means that members of the network agree to volunteer an hour or two each quarter for phone or email support of other network participants (non-competitive, of course).

Data & Information

We research custom data to help you benchmark and analyse how your plans/spend/outcomes match up to others in the field. Tell us what the data set is that you need, and we’ll devote our team of analysts to securing properly tested, anonymised market intel.

Decarb Digital Festival takes place 26-28 January 2021

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