Reasons for Green H2 Optimism (and its path to fossil parity)

Hear from Marty Neese, CEO of Verdagy, as he joins Alex Cameron to talk about the top 5 reasons we can be positive about the future market potential for green hydrogen.

Green hydrogen is one of the climate technologies that has its fair share of detractors and supporters. In this episode we explore some of the common assumptions about green h2 and identify the reasons we can be positive about its future.

Decarbonisation leaders in steel, glass and a range of sectors have their sights set on hydrogen as their future fuel solution – barriers to adoption are receding, but what’s the timeline for this market to really have an impact?

Marty Neese is the CEO of Verdagy and joins Alex Cameron to talk about the top 5 reasons we can be positive about the future market potential for green hydrogen. From examples of plants preparing to switch, to the expansion of hydrogen infrastructure through to the path to parity with fossil fuel pricing based on the expansion of renewables… if you’re an industrial looking to green h2 as a fuel switch technology or an investor or collaborator in the decarbonisation space, listen in.

Key elements of the conversation include:

  • The shift in how green hydrogen’s role in the energy transition is being seen
  • How to combat the view that electrolysers are too costly and won’t be cost-effective in time for net zero deadlines
  • How to protect against the impact of Intermittency
  • The scalability of the front running green h2 tech

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