Green Fuels for Denmark Phase 2

E-fuels BCG, COWI, Everfuel, Haldor Topsoe, Nel, Ørsted Copenhagen Denmark Refining, Transport 2027

The Green Fuels for Denmark (GFDK) project brings together leading Danish companies representing the demand and supply side of sustainable e-fuels behind a vision to establish an ambitious sustainable fuels production facility. The project aims to establish a 1.3 GW electrolyser in 2030 powered by 2-3 GW offshore wind from the Bornholm energy island, which holds the potential to replace >270.000 tpa. of fossil fuel consumption in 2030, equivalent to a 1.77% reduction in Danish CO2 emissions. Phase 2 involves establishing commercial operation at a 250 MW scale to produce e-methanol and e-kerosene. The partnership has decided to bring forward 100 MW of the originally planned second phase’s 250 MW electrolysis from 2027 to 2025.