“Whether it is power, steel, cement, or petrochemicals, we all recognise that it will not be easy to reduce the carbon footprints of our assets. But has it ever been easy? Heavy industry has a remarkable track record of solving challenges, and I believe this will be no different, especially because we all understand just how important it is that we do.”
In this article Andy Gosse, President, Shell Catalysts & Technologies discusses some of the actions that Shell is taking to decarbonising assets at one of its largest facilities: Pernis refinery in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, which will soon be Shell Energy and Chemicals Park Rotterdam.

“The challenges for refiners are similar to the challenges facing all heavy industries as they grapple to untangle the pathways and options to navigate the energy transition. Andy explains the three classic decarbonisation pathways that Shell implements to support companies to reach net-zero.”

Download this article on decarbonising assets to understand how you can reduce emissions by increasing energy efficiency whilst also making lower-carbon energy products such as biofuels, as well as  capturing (or offsetting) any remaining emissions through carbon capture and storage (CCS) or nature-based solutions.

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