FREE REPORT: Decarbonising Cement with CO2 Transport

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This report, sponsored by Shell Energy, is based on an anonymised survey of senior executives representing a range of experience and perspectives from across the decarbonisation space.

The report aims to provide insight into how ready cement producers are to transport CO2, challenges to designing and implementing a CO2 transport project and what steps cement producers can take to understand and action CO2 transport strategies.

Some notable outcomes from the report include:

  • 78% of producers surveyed said that they plan to implement CO2 transport into their business in the next 10 years
  • 47% of survey respondents believe it’s not likely that the cement industry can fund research and pilot projects for CO2 transportation without outside funding
  • 86% of survey respondents believe that the biggest barrier the cement industry faces for transporting CO2 is return-on-investment

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