Decarbonomics: Roadmap to decarbonise global energy sector

This webinar has now taken place.

Thank you everyone who joined us live on May 20th for Decarbonising Energy Webinar with Rob West, Thunder Said Energy.

We saw a lot of energy and amazing engagement with a lot of questions to Rob, ranging from accounting the methane links, to green H2 “bubbles” to the role of crypto mining!

If you missed it on the day, enjoy the recording here!

Recorded On: Thursday, May 20th, 16:00 GMT (8am PST, 11am EST)

Global energy demand will rise from 70,000 TWH per year to 115,000 TWH per year by 2050. Without action, this could cause global CO2e emissions to rise from 50GTpa to 80GTpa. Thunder Said Energy will present its roadmap to decarbonize the entire global energy sector, joining the dots across 100 research topics and 500 data-files and models, on the path to net zero. There is opportunity to decarbonize the world twice over.