Preparing for the creation of Hydrogen economies in states like Wyoming

Eugene Holubnyak joins the podcast to talk about Wyoming’s strategy for hydrogen and the emerging Western States Hydrogen Hub

Eugene Holubnyak joins the podcast to talk about Wyoming’s strategy for hydrogen and the emerging Western States Hydrogen Hub. 

No matter where you’re based in the world, national policy only gets you so far in the creation of low carbon economies. This week we talk with Eugene Holubnyak of the H2 Research Center at the University of Wyoming to learn about the state’s journey towards a competitive hydrogen economy. 

Wyoming is the U.S’ largest coal producing state, a major producer of crude oil, and natural gas too — so as a state firmly rooted in the fossil fuel economy what could a transition to a low carbon economy look like and how can it be done in a way that’s really competitive and positive for the state’s economy. 

Download the episode to hear about the current status quo in Wyoming’s energy sector – but also about the significant amount of work that has already been underway in piloting and testing climate and low carbon technologies. With a specific focus on hydrogen, Eugene and Alex talk about where traction is being gained and how state and federal policy is already helping to shape opportunities. 

You’ll hear about plans for the Western States Hydrogen Hub, who’s involved at public and private level and why Wyoming is an ideal location for hydrogen projects to be developed (clue – lots of potential for offtake and a positive permitting environment). 

If you’re involved in project development, hydrogen tech, policy creation or are an industrial interested in how peers are engaging at a state level – this is a great discussion for you to listen in to. 

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