Driving zero carbon lime production in the UK – Part 1

Find out how lime, a highly CO2-intensive process, is being decarbonised with a focus on Origen’s zero carbon lime project in the UK.

Sitting right at the heart of hard to abate sectors is Lime production – a process that yields materials used in construction and food industries (as well as others). The 400 million tonnes of lime produced annually produces 400m tonnes of CO2 from the high heat and energy-intensive chemical process. But there is a positive side to this story – if producers can develop zero carbon lime, there are major opportunities not only in their current end use markets – but also in carbon capture markets.

Join Alex for the first of a two part conversation with Ben Turner, Chief Executive Officer of Origen to learn about the challenges for this ‘invisible’ industry and to learn about how Origen’s technology leads to zero carbon product. Ben also talks more specifically about how they are building a business model in the US market in partnership with Vault, a sequestration partner. Discover the market opportunities for zero carbon lime and how it can be achieved.

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