Offshore CCS – enabling deep decarbonisation

25th January 2021

Offshore CCS – enabling deep decarbonisation

Alex Cameron, Founder of Decarb Connect & Nick Cooper, CEO, Storegga Geotechnologies

The legacy of CCS is typically rooted in North American projects allied to EOR; in contrast the new wave of proposed European CCS projects are taking the technology in a new direction that is purely focussed on CO2 storage and where this storage will occur offshore. But to achieve net zero 2050, thousands of projects of this type may be needed. Join Nick Cooper, CEO of Storegga, too explore this emerging investment class and the value chain that is building up to deliver it.

This is an ideal podcast for industrials wanting to understand whether they can leverage offshore CCS (whether in a cluster or not) – also for investors seeking to place capital in a way that delivers great returns along with decarbonisation.

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