Developing carbon negative materials to decarbonise global manufacturing supply chains

John Bissell from Origin Materials joins the podcast to talk about developing carbon negative materials to decarbonise manufacturing supply chains.

With Net Zero targets being set across the industrial landscape, there’s a growing sense that companies are having a bit of a reality check on what this will mean for their supply chains etc. One particular area of focus is on the footprint and impact of different materials used across supply chains – and this is where John Bissell and the team at Origin Materials steps in. 

Listen in to this week’s podcast to hear John and Alex Cameron, Founder of Decarb Connect, explore the products being developed that replace typical plastics and chemicals. You’ll hear about the types of companies seeking carbon negative materials that can replace typical packaging, chem and strategic materials. With its growing client list, contracted offtake agreements and capacity reservations of $9 billion, we talk about the strength of demand and broad customer demand for carbon negative materials. 

The episode explores the types of customers approaching Origin, specific material demands, the nature of scaling a disruptor business, the creation of at scale plants and manufacturing assets to meet demand and we get into John Bissell co-founded Origin Materials back in 2008 and brings extensive experience in R&D, engineering, and business development from the chemical industry. Origin’s Blue Chip customer base now includes PepsiCo, Danone, Nestle, Ford, Revlon, LVMH, Mitsubishi Gas Chemical and many more – plenty to talk about as we dig into the concept of carbon negative materials. 

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