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Energy & Industrial Leaders Kick-Start Decarbonization

Road test innovation | Fine tune business models | Identify partners

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Decarb Connect
North America, March 29 – 31, 2022

Decarb Connect North America, March 29-31, 2022 convenes experienced leaders from energy and industrial sectors with the emerging ecosystem for decarbonization.

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Join pragmatic and high-energy leaders from across North America to assess the most competitive business models and roadmaps – but also to kick start valuable collaborations that will prime you for delivering your net zero plans.

The summit is co-created with the Decarbonization Leaders Network. We’re gathering COOs, CTO & SVPs of decarbonization from across the hard-to-abate sectors to examine both short and longer term decarbonization models:

  • Explore examples of energy efficiency projects, carbon capture, opportunities for process re-design and other case studies that show how to limit industrial waste emissions
  • Discuss alternative fuels for high industrial heat and energy-intensive processes from hydrogen to bioenergy
  • Learn about emerging CO2 hubs and how you can plan for them operationally and financially
  • Meet the ecosystem of partners creating high-value products from CO2 that is currently going uncaptured and unvalued across your operations
  • Learn from industrials starting out on their decarbonization journey and those with active pilots generating results

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Sign up today and you’ll join 150+ leaders in Houston for strategic, pan-regional discussions and the opportunity to meet and forge essential new partnerships.

The audience includes investors hungry to support the energy transition (VC, PE, funds and capital market-scale providers), industrials, along with tech and advisory service providers ready to partner with you on your decarbonization and energy transition plans.

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“We’re usually pretty siloed, but we know we’ll need to work across our whole value chain to decarbonise… we need to work out how to get commitments & then to make sure that these projects benefit all participants in terms of reporting”

“There’s no strategy in “electrify – just use more renewables”.  I need reliable and powerful energy sources that can really drive industrial heat consistently… and I need it to be cost effective”

“To hit NetZero by 2050 means having major pilots completed in the next 5 years… emissions unlikely to be static in that time so the scale of this challenge will only increase”

Event Speakers


What They Say

Your Conference Takeaways

Keynote Presentations

C-Suite Industrials, leading investors and fast-growing disruptors – test your plans against insights from the leading minds of decarbonization market.

Industry Showcases

7 case studies from industrials on their chosen decarbonization strategy.

15 Panel & Roundtable Discussions

Join interactive panels and roundtables to meet, learn and unpick your questions from policy to innovation, investment to technology and more.

Two Site Tours:

Get up close to emerging tech projects from clean power leaders NETPower and CO2 reuse disruptor Cemvita

Dozens of Live Q&A's

Hard talk, with your questions and input, on the drivers, incentives and commercial models that matter most.

3 Fireside Chats

Learn how execs and policymakers are setting roadmaps, establishing markets and scaling projects.

Who You’ll Meet


Decarb Connect North America is for leaders in the hard-to-abate sectors, policymakers, tech disruptors and investors.

Hard-to-abate sector leaders looking for business models and CO2 opportunities include cement, metals, oil & gas, power generation, utilities, ceramics, glass, mining, chemicals.

Investors seeking opportunities for deploying capital and for essential info that will inform ESG strategies include VCs, PE, Asset Owners, Asset Managers and Investment Banks

Technology disruptors and equipment partners looking to support decarbonization efforts and partner on pilots as well as commercial-scale projects in CCUS, hydrogen applications, energy efficiency, fuel switching, AI for co2, co2 re-use and more.

Policy makers and influencers tasked with regional and national incentives and legislation seeking to share funding and policy news while learn about next level of decarbonization incentives industry needs

COOs,  CTOs and heads of corporate & technical strategy, corporate venture, innovation, R&D, sustainability, energy management & finance.

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Your Program

One-to-One Interviews

Focused insight from leaders across the hard-to-abate sector.

Survey Results

Survey analysis on how industrials are structuring resources for decarbonisation.

Case Studies

Road test your plans against projects already in deployment – lessons learned and wins to date.

Live Polling

Real-time answers to the most pressing questions arising during the conference and final conclusions available to all attendees.

Group Networking

Small groups geared to easy networking, relevant discussions and memorable connections & ideas

Previous Delegates

Previous attendees in the Decarb Connect series included:

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Send Me The Agenda

Please complete the form below and we will send you a copy of the agenda as soon as it is ready.